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Raiatea Island, French Polynesia

The whole of french polynesia resembles a big botanical garden. The vibrant coloration of the blooming flora is stunning, with coconuts, limes, bananas, or even mango, all grow freely around the paths.

On the deserted island of raiatea one of the global's rarest plant life is to be discovered. The fragrant tiare apetahi grows simplest here. The path on the western slopes of mount mt. Temehani, wherein the polynesian gods reside, will lead you thru the jungle. Additionally at the island of raiateia, there is the most sacred location in french polynesia - marae taputapuatea, an ancient sacred complex in which non secular ceremonies took place, as well as meetings of visitors and deliver navigators. Other islands to be found alongside the manner are equally charming - tahaa, bora bora and huahin.