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Underestimating danger

The captain misjudges the contemporary scenario, does now not assume or discover information including the specifics of the berth. Injuries can appear easily if the captain evaluates an anchorage as secure while in truth it turned into carried out incorrectly. As a result the anchor does now not simply hold, the wind shifts, and because there may be no one on patrol, the boat can run aground or hit a rock.

A standard trouble is likewise loss of statistics about berths, inclusive of in city ports in which the ferries often flip round. Even as turning, a ferry can produce such big waves inside the port that the shipís stern can hit the pier, inflicting severe harm. That is usual, as an example, of the city ??harbour of vis, in which injuries like this occur time and again. While anchoring in metropolis ports, the bottom of the rudder is on occasion damaged due to the shallow depth close to the shore, as the water stage drops at some stage in the night and at low tide. Particularly low ranges occur at some point of robust boras, where depth may turn out to be an awful lot lower in usually safe ports.