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What inhabits the Caribbean coral reefs

Majestic rulers of the caribbean actual giants sweep thru the caribbean and an stumble upon with them is an unforgettable enjoy. This is some thing not found within the mediterranean. Mantas encountering a manta ray is a dream for of all who dive. And within the caribbean, discovering this mythical ray is particularly in all likelihood. These giants drifting around you with their wing-like fins is virtually breathtaking. An enjoy of an entire life assured! The manta ray is one of the world's biggest rays. It isn't dangerous to human beings, although in ancient times, legends unfold of the manta who pulled a sailor into the water and hugged its fins so tightly round him that it ended his lifestyles. Fishermen also nicknamed it the ìdevilfishî because of its ordinary shape. Where to look for mantas? They can be determined around mexico, tobago, saint kitts and nevis or the cayman islands. Larger populations stay outside the caribbean - on the african coast, the maldives or bali. Around the reefs, it is more not unusual to encounter the similar spotted eagle ray, which, unlike mantas, has a pointed head and is smaller. Manatee the west indian manatee, sea cow or siren weighs up to 600 kg. However it's far a non violent tame animal and you'll regularly locate it on the bottom grazing on seaweed. It stays there for as much as 12 minutes, returning to the surface to trap a breath. Join them, it is a beautiful experience!

Whale shark encounters are uncommon and interesting. Whilst one subsequently emerges before you, your coronary heart will literally skip a beat at their sheer enormity. This clumsy large does now not assault, however it can pay to hold a safe distance, although this whale might not even be aware you. Achieving over 12 metres in length, it's miles the biggest fish in the international. Inside the caribbean, there are different sharks to be found but none are too dangerous. A blacktip shark can every so often discovered basking inside the shallow waters off the coast or heading to the reef to hunt for mackerel. The nurse shark or perez shark, likewise, do no longer assault, however are nevertheless considered probably dangerous. In which to discover sharks? The most famous location, wherein many shark myths originate, is the archipelago jardines de los angeles reina in cuba. Even in shallow waters, whale sharks can be encountered at the mexican caribbean shoreline. At cape catoche, the northernmost outpost of the yucatan peninsula, a big herd gathers every year.