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Sailing the tempestuous Baltic is a world of experiences. Be inspired by our route

Tips for your baltic cruise your itinerary around the baltic will begin from the port of breege in r¸gen or within the port of stralsund in greifsvald bay. Upon leaving the port, head instantly for the danish island of bornholm, round 90 to a hundred and ten nm away. In which to anchor? On bornholm, all the ports are beautiful. In case you need to hire a car or motorcycle, make landfall in the capital of ronne or in dueodde (there aren't any such options in other ports). We advocate docking at the small port of svaneke at the east coast. Svaneke is a small metropolis at the coast with 1/2-timbered, crimson-tiled homes. There are a number of pottery and glass workshops, and you could even watch glass-blowing in motion within the city centre. In addition, because it is continuously windy, there are also numerous windmills. The 12th-century circular church buildings (rundkirke) also are standard of bornholm. In small ports, you can commonly rent a motorcycle and take advantage of a extremely good motorcycle tour.

Bornholm is partially forested and also has the best mountain in denmark ñ so that you can test your self with a difficult mountain motorbike ride so that you can take you to 162 meters above sea stage. From svaneke, sail to the small island of christians¯, one of the maximum beautiful and foreign places inside the baltic. There are two islands, christians¯ and frederiks¯, adjoining to one other and related by a footbridge and the small harbour among them. Both islands are a part of an essential chicken reserve and the most stunning time to visit is from may additionally to early june, when geese, geese, eider ducks and guillemots all hatch and chook crumbs are tossed right here, there and anywhere. Christians¯ is surrounded with the aid of a fortified wall and it became as soon as a strategically critical island. At first a medieval fishing village, the oppressive king christian v transformed it into an invincible naval castle, the first line of the danish military within the baltic. Now, however, it will likely be the maximum romantic prevent to your adventure. Experience its ecosystem, as well as the moss-protected rocks and historic stone homes and forts from the 17th century. Of route, you must not neglect to flavor the islandís sparkling, fragrant smoked fish; herring is the maximum standard fish for denmark.